Which countries are the supplier of Hamas? Answer is SHOCKING !

Five biggest supplier of Hamas


The Gaza Strip is seemingly under blockade. But Hamas has worked out complex smuggling routes. In fact, the primary maritime route starts in Iran. Moreover, Iran openly supports Hamas and is the biggest supplier of Hamas. But geographically, it’s not all that close. So, Iranian weapons travel to Yemen and then to Sudan. Yemen and Sudan are on opposite sides of the Red Sea. Then from Sudan, trucks head for the desert on a 620-mile journey to Egypt. Finally, smugglers cross the Suez Canal. And transport the weapons through the tunnels dug under Gaza. In fact, the Gaza tunnel system used by Hamas is the most extensive in the world. However, Israel has repeatedly run airstrikes against the tunnels. But apparently, it hasn’t had much success. Hamas leader Mahmoud Mardawi declared several years ago: ” Hamas wants to explore all sources of military supplies from every country and movement, mainly from Iran. We will not stop knocking on doors to find parties to provide us with weapons.” 

arms supply to hamas


Qatar is actually the biggest supplier of Hamas. Hamas took control of Gaza in 2006. Since then, Gaza has been blocked by both Israel and Egypt. As, Hamas was desperate for support. Qatar, Turkey, Syria, and Malaysia offered it. But most of them only focused on humanitarian aspects. Actually, Qatar hosts the Hamas HQ in Doha. And it did not openly provide any weapons. Moreover, it refused to give Hamas cash. But it set up a funding scheme through Israeli banks. In addition, all electricity, agriculture, and infrastructure in Gaza are Qatari-funded. However, Qatar does not provide direct military aid to the Qassam Brigades. But the money they use to buy weapons are mostly Qatari in origin. 

QATAR sponsor of hamas


Syria was one of the biggest supplier of Hamas before 2011. In fact, Hamas’ central head quarter was in Damascus( before moving to Doha). Along with Iran, Syria was openly pro-Hamas. But with the onset of the civil war, things changed. Hamas declined to take part in the fighting in Syria. Bashar al-Assad couldn’t spare any weapons. However things changed again in 2022. When Syria hosted an official Hamas delegation in Damascus. And, this meeting was reportedly brokered by Hezbollah. Moreover, Hezbollah operates out of Lebanon with Iranian support. So Hamas’ reconciliation with Syria is likely an Iranian plot. As, it would make supplying arms to Gaza easier.

supplier of hamas


Turkey’s role in funding Hamas is very hard to ascertain. As, it mostly revolves around SADAT International Defense Consultancy. Moreover, SADAT is an Istanbul-based private military company. But its connections to the Turkish government are an open secret. In fact, SADAT has trained Islamist fighters in Syria, Somalia, Sudan, and Qatar. And, in 2018, Israel’s intelligence accused SADAT of arming Hamas. As the Hamas members allegedly visited Turkish military exhibitions. And purchased combat drones from Turkish companies. According to Shin Bet, the Israeli intel agency:” During the investigation, it became clear that Hamas is in direct contact with Turkish authorities.” Turkey has denied all accusations. Yet President Erdogan tweeted to Benjamin Netanyahu: ” Hamas is not a terrorist organization but a resistance movement that defends the Palestinian homeland against an occupying power.” 


Libya is another country hit by a civil war. Moreover, there are plenty of armed groups operating in the country. In fact, the largest ones are sponsored by Iran, Qatar, and Turkey. And, in 2021, it emerged they were also smuggling weapons to Gaza. Moreover, the groups smuggles Iranian-made rockets via Lybia. In fact, Hamas also obtained Russian-made Kornet ATGMs from Libya. Interestingly, the Libyan government distanced itself from the groups. And, in 2021, it accuses Turkey and Iran of seeking to exploit the war ” as a platform to fund Hamas’ terror in Gaza.” But in October 2023, Libya changed its tune. And it expressed” rock-solid support”  for Hamas’ attack on Israel. Moreover, the Libyan parliament called it “the legitimate defense of the Palestinian people.”

libya supplier of Hamas

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