Who is Jordan Peterson ?? “Trudeau and the equity tyrants must be stopped”

In an interview with Cathy Newman of Channel 4, Jordan Peterson was a hero. However, his opinions and arguments were not properly supported with facts.


Jordan Peterson is a psychology professor and author in Canada. He became famous for socially expressing his conservative political views. He has posted many YouTube videos criticizing the Parliament of Canada for passing a bill on “gender identity and expression”. Recently Jordan Peterson criticized Trudeau and called his supporters minions.

“Trudeau and the equity Tyrants”

Well, to sum up, Jordan Peterson criticizes Trudeau for promoting equity. Jordan Peterson goes on to say that this ideology threatens freedom of speech and individual rights. He argues that his opposition is justified to prevent the rise of “equity tyrants”. So, compels everyone to stand up against the imposition of equity and support Peterson with his right to express his views.


Jordan Peterson has millions of YouTube subscribers. In addition, his videos also have more than millions of views. He collected a lot of donations through Patreon, which he later banned as he was protesting against one of the Patreon content creators, Carl Benjamin. Jordan’s Twitter account also got suspended under the site’s “hateful conduct policy” after he posted a tweet about transgender actor  Elliot Page.

In addition, Jordan Peterson has written many books. Peterson has argued that one of the main causes of poverty is the lack of financial planning by the government. Moreover, he doubts the scientific data that predicts climate change. Therefore, is skeptical about the data gathered.

Jordan Peterson signed a deal with the news network The Daily Wire, which holds the distribution rights to his videos and podcast.

In conclusion, his recent outburst with Cathy Newman on Channel 4, was the best publicity he could have ever hoped for. His recent interview has got about 6 million views. In fact, some people are calling it, ” the greatest interviews of all time”.

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