Japan Virginity on the rise. Population decreasing in Japan. Why?

Population decreasing in Japan

In Japan almost half of unmarried people under the age of 34 are virgins. In fact, the vast majority aren’t in any kind of relationship and its actually a huge problem. Moreover, the population decreasing in Japan. And the number of kids that were born hit record lows. In fact, it’s such an aging population that the number of adult diaper is about to outsell babies diapers. So, the lack of sex in Japan has been blamed on a whole bunch of things porn, anime, robots. But what is sex itself isn’t the main issue here. What if it’s just the symptom of a much bigger problem ?

population decreasing in Japan

Multi-million dollar sex industry

Dating is big business in Japan. And the government is spending million dollars to help people find a partner. Additionally, there are taxpayer funded dating services and a booming industry of spouse hunting events called Konkatsu. Where applicants can sometimes even be screened on looks and earnings. In addition, they even have an instructional video for women looking to attract a keeper. It shows the sexiest joints to expose, what grade stockings to wear and even the most mathematically attractive angle to tilt your head. Japan is famed for its kink culture. There’s a multi-billion dollar industry of hostess bars, fetish clubs, masturbation clubs, love hotels and sex shops, Yet the virginity is on the rise. The numbers of people who’ve never had sex with someone else have been growing for the past twenty years. 

population decreasing in Japan

Sex therapist

Many sex therapist work with men in 20’s and 30’s trying to get them comfortable with theirs and others bodies. One of the therapist stated that the young men in today’s Japan are more into virtual world where they meet very pretty girls. So, a real girl is scary for them , she might not meet their standard or be rude to them. Another important factor is that they are very busy, they are sleeping less than 10 hours in a week. Moreover, with so much stress at work they have very less energy left for women. Eventually, they resort to virtual women if very necessary otherwise they learn to live alone.

population decreasing in Japan

Salarymen seeking homemaker wife

So, an employeed man in Japan is known as a salaryman. Most of these salarymen work overtime basically every day. And many times they go for drinks after work with their bosses. However, these salarymen dream of having wives who are homemakers. At the same time companies in Japan are trying to support women’s participation in the workforce. Women’s participation in the Japan’s workforce hit an all time high last year. The government’s so called’womenomics’ is pushing for more ladies to top up the country’s shrinking workforce. Since, the Lehman Brothers collapse, in Japan many people don’t have stable incomes till now. So women who are willing to work provide income stability. The culture of overwork has been in Japan for decades but at that time permanent workers who were working long hours were offered promotions and high salaries. But not anymore which kills the prospect of them having kids or having a family. And among the young more than 50 percent are becoming temporary workers. So, they don’t know what they are going to do a month from now. So, the environment of working conditions is so unstable which leads to men feeling very stressed to keep their jobs and be the bread winner of the household.  

population decreasing in Japan

Suicide rate increasing

POSSE, a labor union for young people, run a hotline on workplace issues. They get more than 5000 calls every year with complaints about overwork. Labor unions states that companies treat workers disposable. And people do not have the courage to protest against these big companies as it is difficult in Japan to stand up for your rights. Actually, in Japan before you do a protest you have to notify the company.

All across Japan, people are committing suicide due to work stress. Last financial year, 190 people officially died or attempted suicide from overwork. In fact Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the developed world.

People are forced to work overtime and they feel like quitting their job, but they worry that they may be treated as some sort of loser, or that they won’t find another job. They can’t see their future. So they put up with it. Before they know it, they’re suicidal. There is a not-for-profit organization that works to prevent suicides among young people, by catching those who search the internet for how to die before they go through with it. In 2013, the phrase ‘ I want to die’ was being searched 130,000 times a month. Now its almost double that. People can’t confide to someone in the real world that they have hard time and need help. Instead , they can only resort to their smartphones in their hands to pour out their feelings of desperation. As a matter of fact in Japanese there is a word ” Karoshi” which literally means death due to over work. 

population decreasing in Japan

What is the government doing ?

This problem exists in every single workplace in Japan. Although, the government has set a legal limit on the amount of overtime staff can work to an 100 hours extra a month. But that is 20 hours more than what will put you at the risk of Karoshi. So, in a way, the government is saying that there is a chance you might get suicidal but you can still work till this limit. And there is no law that the company has to follow on keeping the actual number of hours that the worker works. So they can just forge timesheets or they can just not record anything. The reason why this rule is so open to  interpretation and abused because a lot of companies and business agencies donate huge amounts of money to the government and the ruling party.

Is declining population due to Japan's work environment

Finally the Japanese government have dedicated millions to try and get people dating and marrying. But what if the answer to the problem lies in the offices. The people are so stressed and humiliated at work that they are unable to think or plan of any entertainment.  

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