What’s the color of Indian Passport? Blue? Can it be Orange, Maroon, White?

Blue passport - Personal Passport

The most common type of  indian passport is the personal passport. In fact the blue passport is the one which we all have. Moreover, its called the type – P passport. Wherein ‘P’ stands for personal. Actually, this is the passport issued to common people. Additionally, it doesn’t have any special privileges, and the main purpose of this passport is to distinguish between the government officials and common citizens.

Blue indian passport

White passport - Official Passport

The white Indian passport or the Type -S passport, S stands for service. Moreover, it is issued to members of armed forces Stationed abroad and representatives of the Indian government. Additionally, the white passport holder enjoys special privileges, as it is easier for immigration officials to identify government officers and treat them accordingly.

white indian passport

Maroon passport - Diplomatic Passport

Diplomatic passport, the maroon passport, the type-D passport, wherein D means diplomat is issued to the Indian diplomats and high-ranking government officials and MPs. In addition, maroon passport holders don’t require a visa before travelling. Consequently, they also enjoy a faster immigration process with this passport.

maroon indian passport

Orange Indian passport - Emigration check Required

Orange passport started getting issued in 2018 for individuals who have not studied beyond 10th class. As, these people were put under the “Emigration check Required’ category. Unlike the usual passport, this did not have the last page that mentions all the critical details. However, the government had to drop the plan after severe criticism from various quarters.

orange indian passport

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