What is Katchatheevu Island row all about ?

The Story of Katchatheevu Island: A Tale of Controversy and Politics

Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again criticized the Congress for dividing India. He also pointed out that in 1974, under Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s leadership, Katchatheevu Island was handed over to Sri Lanka. He mentioned that the government of Tamil Nadu keeps urging him to reclaim Katchatheevu for India. According to a media report based on information from a Right to Information (RTI) request, it was indeed the Indira Gandhi government that transferred the island to Sri Lanka.

Katchatheevu Island is a small piece of land located in the sea between India and Sri Lanka. It measures approximately 1.6 kilometers in length and 300 meters in width, situated 33 kilometers from India and around 62 kilometers from Sri Lanka. The island hosts only one structure, a church built by the British, which is looked after by pastors from both India and Sri Lanka.

The history of Katchatheevu Island dates back to a volcanic eruption that formed it many years ago. Initially controlled by Sri Lanka, it later came under the jurisdiction of an Indian kingdom. Disputes between India and Sri Lanka over ownership arose due to the island’s abundant fishing resources. Finally, in 1974, it was agreed that the island belonged to Sri Lanka.

Katchatheevu Island

Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues to criticize the Congress for dividing the nation. He suggests that Indira Gandhi’s decision to hand over Katchatheevu Island to Sri Lanka was aimed at fostering better relations between the two countries.

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