Pet Psychics – Are they real ?

What do they do ?

 Pet psychics claim that they can communicate telepathically with animals. They believe that animals can feel complex emotions and have thoughts like us. Although there is no scientific data to back this theory. However, scientist do suggest that all mammals can feel primary emotions like joy, anger, grief.
Many times, pets they hide if you plan a trip to the vet or start running in circles when you decide to go to the park. Logically, we just assume that they must have noticed, us picking up the carrier or keys to the door. But the psychics say that we a re communicating with the pets telepathically all the time. They say the the pets behavior of hiding or jumping merrily is a result of a telepathic signal and not because of our actions.

Pet psychics claim that they can take this one step further. They intentionally use their minds to talk to animals. Some psychics claim to talk to wild animals, but many focus primarily on pets. They talk to pet owners, whom they often refer to as human companions, by phone or in person. For a fee, they then relay telepathic messages to and from pets. The pets don’t even have to be present — often, psychics use photographs or descriptions to make contact.

pet psychics

How do they read the pets mind ?

 Technically, they talk to the pet owner, also known as the human companion in their language, by phone or in person. Typically the owner sends a picture or describes the dob verbally and then the psychic just relays messages to and from the pet.


pet psychics

Why do people need pet psychics

Well , if you have a pet won’t you want to know what your pet thinks about you. That’s the main reason many animal lovers seek the help of a psychic. Other situations are when the pet is lost or dead. Some believers like to talk to their pet to find out if they are happy in whatever realm they are. Sometimes when the pet is behaving in bad manner the owner wants to know the reason.  
pet psychics

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