Sleep train your baby in 7 steps: Is your baby keeping you up all night do what I did. 100% results guaranteed!

Before you dive into it keep the reward in mind, distraction-free 8-hour sleep. Some of the sleep train steps mentioned might seem like a lot of hard work but believe me just stick to this for 1 week and you will start seeing results 100% guaranteed.

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To begin with, I have two boys, one 8 years old and another 9 months old. Given that my older son did not sleep a whole 8-hour stretch until he was 3 years old. So, I was miserable for 3 years with him. Consequently, when my elder one was two and a half years I read a book (I have mentioned the book and link below) on sleep training. Although my son was a little older I still tried it out on him. Surely the lessons in the book worked I could see some changes in him. But since his habits were wired so deeply he did not sleep through the night. But compared to how he was before there was improvement.

Given that when my second son was born I followed the book from day 1. Hence, my younger one sleeps the whole night most days. Occasionally he wakes up when he is really hungry, I give him a bottle and he is down again. At the time, he doesn’t even open his eyes, he is more than half asleep.

However, you can start sleep train your child at any age, it will be beneficial in one way or another. In addition, to you getting a full nights rest sleep train is essential in developing a good sleeping habits in babies which lasts for whole life.

So, if you are also struggling with your child like me try these and see the change in your baby’s sleep cycle. So as to make it easier for you I have listed all the reference links at the end for your convenience.

Before you dive into it keep the reward in mind, distraction-free 8-hour sleep. Some of the steps mentioned might seem like a lot of hard work but believe me just stick to this for 1 week and you will start seeing results 100% guaranteed.

Below are the 7 steps that you should follow diligently, to sleep train your child. Although, after only a few days you will be able to see the difference in you babies sleeping routine. Lastly, just want to emphasise that some of the steps might feel challenging at times but always keep the reward (sleep train baby) in mind and stick to it for a few days. And you will see changes.

Sleep Train #1: Sunlight – Take your baby outside every morning.

In truth, sunlight plays a very important role in our circadian rhythm or sleep cycle. Since the first week, I made it a point to bring him out in the sun in the morning. Even if, he was up all night. In spite of, being tired of holding him up in my arms, I would gear up a little more, take him out show him the daylight and the colours. At first, he was confused and crying but then after a few weeks, he started looking carefully around, feeling the fresh outside air. Initially, these outings were not long, but with time he would stay out for as long as an hour when he was a couple of months. During these outings I had him in one of those electric swings, it is not very expensive and comes quite handy. Whenever it was raining or really cold out I would still make sure he got to see the daylight. Undeniably, we know that light is integral to wakefulness. For example, when we are asleep in the morning and the first light falls in our eyes, our whole system wakes up. Likewise, with babies, when they see bright light each day they get a sense of day.

Sleep Train #2:Night settings ON

  1. Make sure your room is dark and quiet at night

In addition, to showing daylight, showing darkness at night is also as important. Particularly, at night make sure you dim the light and remove all the noise. In order to, accomplish this, you need to turn the light off at the exact time, each night. Even if, your baby is not looking like he or she will sleep, do this. At the same time, reduce the noise in the room, and make sure no loud noises. In fact, after the lights were out we would talk in whispers and not engage with the baby. Of course, we would give him milk if he is hungry, hold him up if he is cranky, and change his diaper. But while doing everything we would keep a low tone. And never flashed light on him, it was a little challenging changing his diaper and making a bottle but the results are worth it. Of course, our room wasn’t completely dark, we had a very dim lamp in the corner. To sum up, almost dark quiet room at the exact time each day.

2. White noise

In addition, to dark and quiet rooms, white noise also plays an important role. Until now, my baby sleeps with white noise on. Since I am doing this from day 1, he is so accustomed to it, that as soon as he hears it he starts yawning and stretching. In the beginning, I played it on my phone but later invested it in one of the white noise machines. Balanced against your good night’s sleep all these investments are totally worth it. In addition, when the white noise is on, the baby doesn’t startle with random sounds. To put it another way, the white noise becomes the blanket of sound near the baby, after that any other sound that exists will not wake the baby.

Sleep Train #3: Sleep routine – Having a fixed set of things that you do each day before putting baby to sleep

In order to get your baby in the mood to sleep we need to do exact same things every night before we put him down. For instance, I would give him a massage with some sesame oil ( any oil works). Likewise, my friend gave his child a bath before sleeping which worked great as well. Obviously, the main intent of this routine is to remind babies that it is sleep time. Since, like you and me babies can’t tell the difference between afternoon and evening. So, whatever activity you choose should be right before bedtime and it should be every day. Especially, in the beginning, when you start this training for best results do the same thing each day at the same time. For the purpose of this, I would adjust my schedule around my babies initially. And now his schedule is so firm that each day he goes to sleep almost at the same time and wakes up with the light. Even if we are traveling or out somewhere at the exact time he would fall into his deep night’s sleep.

Sleep Train # 4: Putting baby down when he is drowsy and not fast asleep

So, when we are trying to make a baby sleep in our arms, we have to let him be drowsy and set him down to sleep. In contrast, we normally try to let the baby be fast asleep and then we gently set him down. In this case, as soon as the baby is down he cries and wakes up, then we start all over again. Furthermore, if somehow the baby continues to sleep, when he wakes up he will cry a lot harder as he knows that that’s not where he started sleeping.

However, If we let him be drowsy and set him down while he is still awake he will be upset and cry but he will slowly learn to sleep himself. In this case, when the baby starts to cry, we pick him up calm him, and back down again. In the beginning, it will take many attempts to finally get him to sleep. But after a few days only you will begin to notice that the baby is crying less to the point that when you set him down the baby sleeps. To sum up, put your baby down when he or she is drowsy and not fast asleep. Secondly, pick him up again and keep setting him down until he falls asleep. Finally, when you set him down continue patting and trying to calm him without picking him up. Once he or she is calm stop patting as well.

So, this helps the baby learn how to go from fully awake to fully asleep on his own.

Ultimately, picking up the baby will be replaced with just patting or rocking, as the baby will calm himself as soon as he or she starts rocking or patting. Later, patting or rocking can be replaced with just shhh… sound. Although you might feel discouraged and tired with this in the beginning and find it easier to let him be fast asleep before you put him down. But in the long run, this will give you so much freedom with the sleep process of the baby. Lastly, keep reminding yourself of the prize in the end, which is a full night’s rest without any disturbances.

Sleep Train #5: Encouraging self-soothing – Soothing the baby by rocking or patting in the middle of the night

Another key point is that when your baby cries at night, do not pick him up right away and offer milk. In general, many times babies cry in their sleep or just need a little assurance that they are not alone. Particularly, if you know that your baby is not hungry or doesn’t have a dirty diaper, do not panic and pick him up. But if you pick up the baby each time he cries you are making him active instead of putting him to sleep. So, if you have a crib or cot just rock the baby in it. Otherwise, you can also pat him gently. Along with patting or rocking make a shh…. sound.

On the other hand, when your baby cries when hungry, pick him up feed him, and then down again. If he cries do the same, pat or rock him, if he calms down good, otherwise pick him up calm him, and then back down again. Do this as many times as it takes.

With this in mind, I recommend getting a cot or crib as it is easy to rock in them and the motion puts the baby to sleep right away without engaging with him. Although, patting works, smaller babies, when they feel their mother close by, start remembering milk and cry until they get it. Earlier, when my baby was born, I was living in my parent’s house. So, over there my brother had a rocking crib or cot. Since his child was grown I was using it at the time. Due to this my son got used to this rocking and would immediately calm down with it. But at my own house, I had a regular crib which was a little bigger but had no rocking feature in it. Nonetheless, it had wheels so I would just push him back and forth and that would also calm him. It is a nice crib.

In addition to calming babies at night, making them sleep in the crib or cot designates a fixed place for them to sleep. Eventually, as soon as you put them in the crib they realise it is sleep time and get mentally prepared. Afterward, your baby will stir in the middle of the night, maybe shake his head left and right, and then fall back to sleep without crying. Additionally, you can hang a cot mobile in the crib, it’s a great help to keep the baby entertained in it, but do not have it on at night. Likewise, I always remove the cot mobile from the crib at night as it adds to a distraction which can make them active. However, during the day you can use it your baby will enjoy it.

So, when your baby wakes up rock him or pat him until he calms down. As soon as he cries again, you rock again, when he stops crying you stop rocking. Do not keep rocking the crib, stopping the crib will teach the baby how to fall back to sleep. In the beginning, you will have to do it many times but you will notice that each day he is calming faster and not crying again. Besides babies learn very fast we just have to teach them correctly.

#6: Fewer engagements at night – Avoid diaper leaks!

Undoubtedly the fewer engagements you have with the baby at night the better. That is the reason I posted another article about a diaper that lasts all night without leaking so that we don’t have to change him at night. You can read it here. So, do not engage the baby any more than it is absolutely necessary. Initially, when I had the diaper leak issue, I would change a diaper in the dim light without talking or making eye contact with the baby. Further, after changing immediately back to the crib. Firstly try to not change your baby’s diaper at night, read my post about which diaper lasts all night. Secondly, if you have to change then make it quick with minimal engagement with the baby.

#7: Bal guti

Another thing I used to do was give my baby Bal Guti, from green pharmacy. Because the ready-made guti have honey and don’t know what else is in them, I preferred to make my own. Different from the rest, Green Pharmacy Bal Guti are just ingredients that you make your own. I have an upcoming detailed blog on this. Stay posted. In short, there are some herbs in it that help in adjusting the sleep cycle. So, I gave this every day almost at the same time.

That is all!

Lastly, I just want to wish you luck in this journey of sleep train your child and really hope these steps work for you as well as they did for me. If you are struggling with any of the steps of sleep train above or need any clarification please do not hesitate to ask. It would be my pleasure to assist you in this journey.

Reference links

  1. Book – The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night by Elizabeth Pantly.

2. Electric swing – R for Rabbit Snicker The Playful Automatic Baby Swing with Hanging Toys and Remote Control Swing for Newborn Baby

3. White noise machine – Marpac Hushh for Baby, Portable White Noise Sound Machine

4. Oil for massage – Chekko Cold Pressed Virgin Sesame (Gingelly) Oil

5. Rocking crib or cot – LuvLap C – 70 Wooden Baby Cot Cum Rocker, Baby Crib, Made of New Zealand Pinewood

6. Crib – LuvLap Cot C-65 Wooden Baby Cot / Crib Sofa Bed for Kids with Mattress for Babies, Made of New Zealand Pine Wood

7. Green Pharmacy Bal Guti – Green Pharmacy Balguti Herbs For Healthy Baby

8. Baby cot mobile – Kiditos Remote Control Musical Cot Mobile Crib Bell Bed Ring Hanging Rotate with 108 Beautiful Music

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