Princess of Wales Kate Middleton is in coma ?

Conspiracy theories about Princess

Kate Middleton, Prince William’s wife is the hush hush topic of discussion these days. She went for a abdominal surgery on January 16. But unlike any normal procedure she stayed in the hospital for two weeks. The Kensington Palace informed the press that the Princess of Wales will be back for her duty after Easters. Even after two weeks there are no pictures of her departure from the hospital which is heating up conspiracy theories all around.

kate middleton

Kensington Palace hiding facts

So, a Spanish journalist named, Concha Calleja claims that he has insider information that Kate had some complications after the procedure. Hence, she had to be placed in a medically induced coma. Further he adds that her condition is quite serious than the Palace is acknowledging. However, The Kensington Palace dismissed these remarks saying they are “ludicrous”. And continued to stick with their earlier remark that the Princess was ” making good progress”.

Prince William hiding from public

Although the palace has tried its best to overrule the rumors but there is no solid evidence that supports their claim. And Prince William just fueled the conspiracy by cancelling a public appearance , citing “personal matter”. And no other explanation. Therefore, the conspiracy theories and rumors about Princess’s health have gone wild.


kate middleton

Princess's history

In social media, there is a viral post which says that Princess came in front of camera few hours after delivery, So, how come this time she decided to stay off the camera after weeks from her surgery. And to add to everything British press has always been nosy about the Princess but this time they are all mute about her. This truly suggest some foul gameplay of the Palace. I do agree with this it all does reek of conspiracy and foul play. After all the crown is great in hiding true facts. Somehow Princess Diana’s accident keep popping in mind. If they can cover something that big this definitely is doable for them.

kate middleton

Major Blunder by the Palace

The Princess released a picture on mothers day with her kids. Their are signs of photoshop in the picture. The tiles seem to overlap and the Princess’s face could have been pasted. Technically, it could be someone else sitting in the picture and Kate’s face was pasted over it. This has raised many questions for the crown. People are questioning every photo released in the past for tampering. The Princess apologized as well for editing the picture.

Kate Middleton

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