Anmol Bishnoi Warning to Salman Khan: Mumbai Shooting Incident Sparks Serious Threat

Anmol Bishnoi Issues Stern Warning Following Shooting Incident at Salman Khan's Residence

Lawrence Bishnoi ‘s brother, Anmol Bishnoi, warned famous actor Salman Khan after a shooting incident outside Salman’s house in Mumbai. Anmol said it was a serious warning and they won’t hesitate to take action if needed.

After the shooting, Bishnoi claimed responsibility online. He said it was just a small sign of their power and warned Salman not to provoke them further.

The police suspect that one of the shooters might be from Gurugram, a city near Delhi. They fired four shots outside Salman’s house early in the morning and then ran away. The police are investigating the case.

A gangster named Rohit Godara, who lives abroad, claimed responsibility for a murder that happened earlier in Gurugram. He is connected to Lawrence Bishnoi and his brother.

anmol bishnoi salman khan

Before this incident, there was an email threat against Salman Khan, and the police had already filed a case against Lawrence Bishnoi, Goldy Brar, and someone else. The email warned Salman about an interview given by Lawrence Bishnoi and said that if Salman wants to settle things, he should talk to “Goldy bhai” directly.

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