Google Pixel 9 Series Poised to Introduce Emergency SOS Feature Similar to Apple’s

Google's New Emergency SoS Feature: What You Need to Know

Google might soon introduce a safety feature similar to the one Apple has. This feature, reported by Android Authority, could be part of the upcoming Pixel 9 phones. The report says that Google might use a new modem from Samsung in the Pixel 9, which is faster and saves more battery. This modem also supports a type of 5G called non-terrestrial networks, which uses satellites.

The report from Android Authority also says that Pixel 9 users could use Android 15’s satellite feature first because of this new modem. Initially, this emergency feature might be available only for T-Mobile users, but other phone companies might get it later.

Apart from the Pixel 9, Google’s next foldable phone, the Pixel Fold, might also get this emergency feature. The report mentions a code found by Android Authority that suggests this.

So, how will Google’s emergency feature work? It seems Google will make an app called ‘Satellite Gateway’ for this. With this app, users can contact emergency services using a feature called ‘Emergency SoS’. Instead of calling, users can send a text message for help.

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Here’s how it might work: When someone needs help, Google will ask them some basic questions about what’s happening. Then, the user can choose to notify their emergency contacts and send a message to emergency services for help. Some of the questions Google might ask include: “What happened?”, “How many people are involved?”, “What’s the situation like?”, “Is there a fire?”, “Are there any weapons?”, and more.

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