Exciting News about Apple’s Upcoming M4 Macs Revealed by Tech Analyst

Exciting Details Unveiled: Apple's Upcoming M4 Mac Lineup Set to Revolutionize Computing

Tech analyst Mark Gurman has some exciting news about Apple‘s new M4 Macs in Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter. These M4 Macs are expected to bring a bunch of cool new stuff when they hit stores later this year.

First up, Apple is planning to release a new 24-inch iMac and a MacBook Pro that’s more affordable. These will be the first of many M4 Macs we’ll see in the future.

Next, there might be a 14-inch MacBook Pro and a big 16-inch one, both with super-powerful M4 Pro/Max chips. And by early 2025, Apple could update its Mac mini computers with M4 chips.

Looking ahead to 2025, there could be new MacBook Air models and a special Mac Studio with a fancy M4 chip.

And the grand finale? The Mac Pro, which is expected to come out with the super-strong M4 Ultra chip in late 2025.

mac m4 chip

We don’t know all the technical details about these M4 chips yet, but reports say they’ll focus a lot on making artificial intelligence (AI) better. These improvements will be part of future software updates, like iOS 18 and macOS 15, promising to make everything work smarter and faster.

Overall, Apple’s M4 Macs are shaping up to be a big deal, blending high performance with smart features. Tech fans are getting more and more excited as the launch gets closer.

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