Introducing the New PlayStation 5 Slim ( PS5 ): Smaller Size, Same Power!

Experience Enhanced Gaming with the Latest PS5 Slim Console from Sony

Sony just revealed their new PlayStation 5 gaming console called the PS5 Slim in India. It’s a smaller version of the regular PS5.

The PS5 Slim is advertised as having the same power but in a smaller size. It’s about 30% smaller and 18% to 24% lighter than the original PS5, making it more convenient.

The design has been slightly changed, now with four panels instead of two, which might allow for more customization.

Inside, it has the same powerful components as the original PS5, but the storage space is increased from 825GB to 1TB, which is similar to its rival, the Xbox Series X.


ps5 slim

Some accessories are now sold separately, like the vertical stand, which costs $29. You can also buy faceplates in different colors for $54.99.

Sony Play Station 5 - Disc edition vs Digital edition

There are two types of PS5 Slim: one with a disc drive and one without. The prices are Rs. 54990 for the regular one and Rs. 44990 for the one without a disc drive. Both are available starting today, April 5, at 10 AM IST, and Blinkit offers quick delivery to your doorstep. You can choose between having a disc drive or not, depending on your preference. If you initially choose the disc-less version but change your mind later, you can buy a separate Blu-ray disc drive for $79.

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