The Kerala Story: Political Controversy Surrounds Film’s Telecast

Kerala CM Opposes TV Screening of 'The Kerala Story' Ahead of Elections

A big fight has started over a movie called ‘The Kerala Story’. It came out last year and got praise from some right-wing people, including some leaders in Prime Minister Modi’s government. Now, there’s a big argument because the movie is going to be shown on TV. The chief minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan, doesn’t want the movie on TV because he thinks it will make people fight, especially with elections coming up.

He says the TV channel should not be helping the Prime Minister’s party or another group called the RSS spread their ideas. He’s worried it will cause more problems in Kerala. Other politicians agree, saying the movie is meant to divide people.

The ruling party in Kerala, CPI (M), thinks the Prime Minister’s party is showing the movie now because there are elections coming up. Last year, some people went to court to stop the movie, but the court said it’s okay to show it because the trailer didn’t seem to offend anyone. Prime Minister Modi even said people should watch it during a speech. Some BJP-run states even made it tax-free and showed it to a lot of people.

The movie talks about something controversial: it says that thousands of women from Kerala were converted to a different religion and sent to do bad things. Now the movie is on a streaming platform called ZEE5 and it made a lot of money in India.

the kerala story

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