After Netflix, Disney Going To Stop Password Sharing

CEO Initiatives, Market Response, and User Transition Strategies

Disney‘s boss, Bob Iger, wants to stop people from sharing passwords for Disney’s streaming service. He plans to start doing this in June. Iger talked about this on CNBC and said it’s important for the streaming industry to be more organized. He hopes this will help get more people to sign up and make more money for Disney. He wants the business to make even more profit in the future.

This idea is similar to what Netflix did. When Netflix started cracking down on password-sharing, they got a lot more subscribers. This happened in the second part of 2023, and they got around 22 million new subscribers.

Iger’s announcement comes after some fighting between Disney and people who invest in the company. One of these investors, Nelson Peltz, didn’t think Disney was doing well in the streaming world. But after a vote, Iger felt good because most people agreed with Disney’s plans, especially for picking the next CEO. Also, Iger mentioned that Disney is looking to work with others for ESPN.

Winning this fight helps Iger keep his job while Disney tries to make its movies and TV shows more popular, make more money from streaming, and find new ways to grow ESPN online.

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Netflix also started stopping password-sharing in many countries around the world. They sent emails to customers in over 100 places, including big countries like the U.S., U.K., France, and others, in May 2023. These emails reminded people that they should only share their account with their own household.

To make things easier, Netflix lets paying customers add someone outside their home for an extra fee each month. In the U.S., this fee is $8. People can also move their profiles to keep their watch history and recommendations, so they don’t lose anything.

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