Earthquake in Japan – Why so many earthquakes suddenly ?

Recent Earthquakes in Japan and Taiwan

A big earthquake with a strength of 6.0 hit the East Coast of Honshu in Japan on April 4th. There’s some disagreement about how deep the earthquake was – one group says it was 32 kilometers underground, while another says it was 55 kilometers.

On April 3rd, there was a tsunami warning for Okinawa in Japan because a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 hit Taiwan. This caused the main airport in Okinawa to stop flights. Then, a powerful earthquake of 7.2 magnitude struck near Taiwan, shaking the capital city of Taipei and causing warnings for tsunamis in southern Japan and the Philippines. The quake was even felt as far away as Shanghai, China. Some cities in China also felt the quake.

Before that, on April 2nd, a magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck the northern coast of Iwate prefecture in Japan. This happened late at night. Even though it was a big earthquake, there wasn’t a tsunami warning.

earthquake in japan

Japan is known for having lots of earthquakes. They have strict rules about building strong buildings that can handle earthquakes. Every year, Japan gets about 1,500 earthquakes, but most of them aren’t very strong.

In 2011, Japan had a huge earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0. It caused a tsunami that killed or left many people missing. The earthquake also damaged a nuclear plant called Fukushima, which led to a big nuclear accident. Cleaning up after the accident is very expensive and will take a long time.

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