Canada Increases Fees for Permanent Residency and Immigration Programs

Price Hikes for Moving to Canada

People who want to move to Canada and become permanent residents need to prepare for higher fees. The Canadian government announced that the cost of getting permanent residency will go up by about 12 percent at the end of this month.

Starting from April 30, 2024, the fee for becoming a permanent resident in Canada will increase from CAD 515 to CAD 575. This is a significant rise in cost.

The government explained that this fee increase is based on changes in the cost of living, as measured by the Consumer Price Index. This fee is paid when someone applies for permanent residency, which is like getting a green card in the United States. However, children who are applying along with their parents won’t have to pay this fee.

The fee increases don’t stop there. Canada is also raising the costs for other immigration programs. For example, the fees for programs like the Federal Skilled Workers, Provincial Nominee Program, Quebec Skilled Workers, Atlantic Immigration Class, and certain economic programs will go up from CAD 850 to CAD 950. Fees for accompanying a dependent child will also increase.

Additionally, fees for caregiver programs and their spouses or partners are also going up. These fee hikes are part of Canada’s efforts to adjust to the changing costs and demands of immigration.

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