Places to visit in Nainital and Must eat food in Nainital

Read on the find the amazing places to visit in Nainital and amazing food that only local people know.

places to visit in Nainital

Get insider information of places to visit in Nainital, from me, born and raised in Nainital. After travelling world wide I can say with surety that Uttarakhand scenic beauty is unbeatable. During monsoon wherever you look there is greenish hue. It is impossible not to fall in love with Nainital. Whereas summer and spring brings our colorful vibrancy to the atmosphere. That being said winter time for many who are snow enthusiast. No matter what your preference is you can never go wrong with Nainital as your vacation destination.

Which places to visit in Nainital?

Nainital has so many places to fall in love with. After a lot of speculation I have narrowed it down for you.

But what’s there not to like in Nainital, great view, great food and amazing weather. If you did not like Nainital then probably you did not see it properly and I can help you with that. As I have mentioned earlier I am born and raised here so can tell you things no one will.


Where you stay in your vacation will determine how your vacation goes. Selecting a Hotel which is affordable and comfortable is not easy. Especially when you are visiting for the first time, you don’t know if staying near the lake is better or far up on the mountain. While some people prefer staying near the lake in the mall road surrounded by the lively atmosphere, the others prefer staying in peaceful places amongst the greenery. Both have their own advantages.

Hotel sarovar places to visit in nainital

If you want a hotel near the lake I’d say stay on the mall road not far out places. As you can be near to the shopping places and restaurants, have late night walks around the lake and still be in the hotel in few minutes. Hotel Sarovar by the lake in Mallital, Nainital is a great place and perfectly located on the mall road , close to Naina Devi temple as well.

homestays places to visit in Nainital

On the other hand if you want a place that is quiet and peaceful surrounded by lush green trees, I would recommend go to Ayarpata and pick any homestays there. In Ayarpata you will find many Victorian bungalows where the owners are now running homestays. They are comfortable and affordable.

Things to do in Nainital

Places to visit in Nainital

1. Mall road and Thandi Sadak

Mall Road Places to visit in Nainital

After all mall road envelopes Nainital lake and is epicenter of the place. The road on the opposite side of mall road is Thandi Sadak it is only for pedestrians. You can choose to walk or rent a bicycle and just ride around the lake its therapeutic. In case your hotel is located near the mall road you can come for a after dinner walk , the light reflection on the lake is phenomenal. I can just sit near the lake for hours just looking its so amazing.

2. Naina Devi Temple

Naina Devi Places to visit in Nainital

Actually, the temple has an advantage of being located near the lake it has the most amazing view. But as you know beautiful places gets crowded so try to visit the temple early morning. Additionally, in the morning you can can enjoy the cool breeze and mind blowing sun rise from the temple

3. Tiffin Top and Lands End

Dorothy seat Tiffin Top Places to visit in Nainital

Now you can choose to hike to these places or drive to the Horse stand and ride on a horse there onwards. Apart from being great points to visit, the trail to these spots are also remarkable. If you are lucky you can even spot some wildlife on your way. We have always hiked to these places it seems the tall green trees gives you a new outlook to life and refreshes your energy. After reaching tiffin top be sure to enjoy some Maggi in the restaurant located near the Dorothy seat.

In case you are hiking enthusiast and are looking for a long hike go for China Peak, the view from the top is stunning and the trail is beautiful.

4. Hanuman Garh

Hanuman garh Places to visit

In spite of being a religious place this temple is much visited place for its scenic beauty and serenity. You can drive or book a cab they easily available. Although, there are many monkeys here so beware and do not keep any food items in hand. Once you are inside the temple make sure you visit Neeb Karori Baba temple it is the third one. In addition, you can sit and meditate if you are into it inside the temple. The energy inside is so calming. Earlier, Neeb Karori Baba used to visit this temple and just sit there in peace. Many people believe you can still feel his presence inside.

5. Governor House and Golf Course

Governor house places to visit in Nainital

If you enjoy Victorian architecture, you will find the governor house quite fascinating. They hold guided tours everyday. The tickets for the tour cost Rs. 50

Governor house golf course places to visit in Nainital

In addition, if you play golf you can buy Rs. 450 ticket and enjoy the lush green golf ground.

6. Zoo

nainital zoo places to visit in Nainital

Normally, families vacationing with kids love to visit zoo. As it provides wholesome family fun and kids learn something. Nainital zoo is fine places to visit in Naintal. The animals are well taken care of and they have a ferocious tiger. You will not regret it. There are two ways to go there by walking or Zoo shuttle that you get from Mall Road in front of Hotel India. Although Zoo is quite a climb and the road is congested with lot of cars and foot falls. So, I would recommend do not go walking take the shuttle.

7. Shopping

bhotia market places to visit in Nainital

Like many of us if you also like shopping be sure to visit Bhotia market on the flats outside the Naina Devi Temple. They have all kinds of collection and price is also reasonable.

Must have food in Nainital

1. Tamang momos – These momos will melt in your mouth both veg and non veg are superb. This little restaurant is located in the back side of Bhotia market. You can also try Thukpa and chowmein here.

2. Neerus – Again a small restaurant located in Tallital Bazaar serves the best samosas, bun tikki and chowmein. Very cheap and serves the best quality.

3. Hungry monk – Likewise this restaurant is also located in Tallital Bazaar and makes the most flavorful veg kababs.

4. Lotte wala – Again in Tallital Bazaar this restaurant is pioneer in making Jalebi.

Apart from these the other restaurants also serve nice food but the above ones are my favorite since school days.

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