Domestic violence – How to break free and heal ?

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A woman who has recently emerged from a traumatic experience of severe domestic violence faces profound physical, mental, and emotional suffering, including intrusive flashbacks, paralyzing fear, chronic stress, hypervigilance, self-blame, isolation, and sleep disturbances. Despite facing criticism for returning to her abuser, they do it out of concern for her children’s well-being. Eventually, they stop seeking help from law enforcement, knowing that the abuse would resume upon her husband’s release from custody.

Exiting toxic relationships can be challenging for various reasons. Fear of manipulation and threats, concerns about children and custody arrangements, lingering feelings of affection, financial dependency, shame, and imbalanced relationship dynamics are common obstacles faced by victims.

Gaslighting, a tactic often used by abusers, can further confuse and manipulate victims, making it harder for them to leave. Additionally, dealing with a partner who has narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) can complicate matters, as their fear of abandonment may lead to aggressive behavior or manipulation.


domestic violence

While leaving a toxic relationship is complex, there are steps individuals can take to facilitate the process. These include building a safety net, aiming for independence, seeking support from trusted individuals and professionals, limiting communication with the abuser, and prioritizing self-care and healing.

Recovery from an abusive relationship involves emotional healing, which may require time and support. Self-compassion plays a crucial role in acknowledging that the fault lies with the perpetrator and in rebuilding confidence and independence. With proper support, survivors can cultivate a future free from fear, filled with love, safety, and respect.

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