Caste Discrimination : A Persistent Problem in Contemporary Society

Caste discrimination - Urgent Need for Change

A young Dalit student, who is eight years old, got hit because he touched a bucket while trying to drink water from a hand pump at a school where upper caste people study in Alwar district. This happened on Saturday. The police are investigating it after the victim’s family reported it.

The student, Chirag, who is in Class 4, was thirsty and went to the hand pump in the school area. That’s where Ratiram Thakur, the person responsible, was filling water in a bucket.

Chirag’s dad, Pannalal, said that when Chirag tried to drink water from the hand pump and removed the bucket, Thakur got really angry and started hitting him. When Chirag got home, he was crying and told his family what happened. When they talked to Thakur about it, he threatened to hurt them. Pannalal said that even though they told the school principal what happened, nothing was done, so they had to go to the police station.

In our society today, caste discrimination is still happening despite our progress. It can be as simple as not wanting to hire someone from a lower caste for certain jobs, or as serious as physically hurting them because of their caste. Any discrimination based on caste just keeps causing more violence. It’s sad to see families even separating utensils for people from lower castes, showing that we still have a long way to go in overcoming our biases.

This way of thinking shows a big problem in our society that needs attention right away. We all need to work together to stop these unfair practices and make sure everyone is treated equally. Only when we all make an effort can we move past caste discrimination and create a fair and peaceful society.

caste discrimination

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