Tesla’s Robotaxi, self-driving car: Musk’s Bold Move Amid Safety Concerns

Self-Driving Car Adoption Faces Hurdles

Elon Musk said that Tesla will show off a self-driving taxi in August. This is happening while self-driving cars are having some problems being accepted because people are worried about safety. 

Musk, who runs Tesla, didn’t give many details, but he mentioned the reveal will be on August 8th. After he shared this news, Tesla’s stock went up by more than three percent after the regular trading hours.

He also mentioned earlier that Tesla cars with a feature called “Full Self-Driving” will be incredibly good at driving, so much so that in the future, it might seem odd that humans used to drive cars, even when they were tired or drunk. He’s also said that Tesla owners with this feature can let their cars work as taxis when they’re not using them.

But even though self-driving cars have a lot of potential, there have been some issues with them in the United States. Regulators and the public are worried about how safe they are.

In San Francisco, for example, where they’ve been testing these cars, some people have damaged the cars because they don’t like the idea of them driving without a human. Another company, GM-owned Cruise, stopped its self-driving taxi service after a few accidents caused problems with regulators.

tesla 's robotaxi

Tesla’s “autopilot” feature, which helps cars drive themselves to some extent, has also been questioned. Some people say Tesla has made it sound better than it really is.

Tesla’s announcement about the self-driving taxi comes after a report that they won’t be making a cheaper electric car as soon as Musk had said they would. Musk denied this report.

Tesla’s car sales for the first quarter of the year were lower than expected. But other car companies like Toyota sold more cars in the US because they had more cars in stock.An analyst called the results from Tesla’s first quarter “a big failure.”

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