Teenager Uses Alexa to Save Herself and Her Infant Niece from Monkey Attack

Teen's Quick Thinking Saves Niece from Monkey Attack: Offered Job by Business Tycoon

Anand Mahindra, head of Mahindra Group was really impressed by what Nikita did. She’s just a teenager but she managed to save her baby niece and herself from a monkey attack by using Amazon’s Alexa. This caught Mahindra’s attention because it showed Nikita’s quick thinking and problem-solving skills. He was so impressed by Nikita that he said once she’s done with school, she can come work at his company if she wants to. That’s a big offer!

He also talked about how Nikita’s story is a good example of how technology can be really helpful. He thinks that even though technology is everywhere, it’s up to us to use it in smart ways to solve problems and make our lives better.

Nikita’s story happened in Basti, a place in Uttar Pradesh, India. She was at her sister’s house playing with her baby niece when a monkey suddenly came into the room. It was looking for food, and Nikita knew she had to act fast to protect herself and her niece.

alexa monkey

Despite being scared, Nikita noticed an Amazon Alexa device on top of the fridge. She remembered that it can make animal sounds, so she told it to bark like a dog. This scared the monkey away, and both Nikita and her niece were safe.

Nikita’s mom was really proud of her daughter’s quick thinking. She said that because of Nikita’s clever idea to use Alexa, they were both safe from the monkey. It’s a story that shows how being resourceful and using technology wisely can help in unexpected situations.

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