Facebook will Look More Like Tik-Tok soon !

Facebook Unveils Enhanced Video Player for Seamless Viewing Experience

Facebook is about to unveil a brand new video player, tailored to offer a seamless viewing experience across a variety of video formats. Whether you’re into quick Reels, lengthy videos, or live streams, this new player promises to streamline your video-watching journey.

Initially debuting on smartphones in the US and Canada, the rollout will extend globally in the following months. Developed by Meta, Facebook’s parent company, this upgraded player aims to simplify the process of watching and sharing videos while embracing the vertical format and improving video recommendations.

The key features of this updated player include a full-screen mode for horizontal videos and a convenient slider for navigating through lengthier content. Users will also enjoy greater control, with options to pause, skip, and rewind or fast forward by ten seconds.

Meta states that whenever a user taps on a video within the Facebook app, they’ll encounter a fullscreen, vertically-oriented video player. This default vertical viewing aligns with the format popularized by TikTok, although users can easily switch to landscape mode for horizontal videos.



These improvements won’t be confined solely to the player itself; they’ll also extend to users’ Facebook feeds and the Video tab. Additionally, Facebook plans to showcase more Reels in response to the increasing demand for short-form video content.

This move positions Facebook to better compete with algorithm-driven platforms like YouTube and TikTok by broadening its video recommendation pool and catering to various video formats. Considering the uncertainties surrounding TikTok’s future in the US, Facebook might benefit from a surge in video consumption on its platform.

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