Worst to Best Shampoo in India

Have you ever glanced at your shampoo’s ingredient list? If not, you might be surprised. Many shampoos contain harmful chemicals linked to hair loss, irritation, illness, and even cancer. Given that most of us use shampoo regularly, using a toxic one can do more harm than good. It can weaken your hair over time, leading to issues like dandruff, hair loss, and other ailments. Opting for a gentle shampoo is crucial for both hair and scalp health. But which one reigns supreme? Let’s explore.

worst to best shampoo

The Worst Shampoo -They contain over ten toxic chemicals.

  1.  Garnier Ultra Blends
  2. Tresemme
  3. Head and Shoulders
  4. Loreal
  5. Pantene Pro V
  6. Dove
  7. Clinic Plus All Clear
  8. Sunsilk
  9. Clear
worst shampoo

Untrustworthy Brands - Only 10% of their ingredients are listed.

  1. Ayush
  2. Biotech
  3. Patanjali

Not so worse Shampoos - These are little better but still have many chemicals

  1.  Johnsons baby Shampoo
  2. Wow Apple cider Shampoo
worst shampoo

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