Why  80% of New Zealand  is EMPTY ?

4k km from Australia

Weather similar to UK

Population only 7% of UK

Why  80% of New Zealand  is EMPTY ?

70% of the population lives in the north

Out of that 50% people live in Auckland.

How humans discovered New Zealand ?

The Māori people, discovered NZ between 1320 to 1350.

Rich in seafood, sheep,  goats and fruits.

British invasion

1769, a British officer James Cook reached NZ

in the 18th century the Māori people started trade with British.

Treaty of Waitangi

A treaty was signed between the Britishers and the Māori people, 

After this treaty New Zealand officially became a part of Europe and the British Empire.

Decrease in population

Firstly, when the Europeans arrived, they brought diseases.

The Māori people had not developed immunity, so they started falling ill and dying.

Decrease in population

Secondly, in the 19th century, New Zealand had become a very violent place. 

A series of wars over land ownership began between the British and the local Māori, which continues for the next 40 years. Many local Māori’s were killed

Why 80% of New Zealand is empty ?

The land on the eastern side of the mountain is very dry and infertile due to which irrigation and other things cannot be done here. So, the majority of New Zealand’s population live in the North.

Why 80% of New Zealand is empty ?

The new government relaxed the immigration policies after the World War II. Before World War II, entry of non-white people into New Zealand was prohibited. And due to this, the population of New Zealand remained stagnant until 1950.

Why 80% of New Zealand is empty ?

Auckland is one of the least affordable cities in the world today.

In order to solve this problem, the New Zealand government is now giving a grant of up to $8000 to people for moving to Waikato, 100 km away from Auckland