VIRGINITY on the rise  in JAPAN

Government is spending millions of dollars to get people laid !




Half of unmarried people under the age of 34 are virgins.

The number of adult diaper is about to outsell babies diapers.

 Is the lack of SEX due to porn, anime, robots.

The government is spending million dollars to help people find a partner. 

Taxpayer funded dating services

A booming industry of spouse hunting events called KONKATSU

Multi-million dollar  SEX industry

Many therapist work with men in 20s and 30s.

Men are  much into virtual women and scared of real.

Men are sleeping less than 10 hours in a week and have less energy left for women.

SEX therapist

Curved Arrow

Men are working overtime everyday

They are stressed and humiliated at work

They can't quit because job market is down

Tired Salarymen 

Many women have to work as well to bring financial stability

Labor union gets 5000 calls every year with complaints about overwork.


You can imagine if they need a word for it then how common it must be

Suicide rate increasing

"I WANT TO DIE" searched 130,000 times a month 

The government has set a legal limit on the amount of overtime staff can work to an 100 hours extra a month.

What is the government doing ?

But research shows that  after 80 hours of extra work you might get suicidal or risk of Karoshi

Is declining population due to Japan's work environment?

Japanese government has dedicated millions to try and get people dating. But what if the answer to the problem lies in the offices.