Mindfulness for kids

Improve your child’s concentration and memory

Mindfulness exercises

We and our children can learn mindfulness together with some mindfulness exercises. Consequently, this will get our kids to concentrate better and perform better academically.


You and your child will lie flat on the floor without touching anyone. Now, with closed eyes, everyone takes a deep breath and stretches their hands, legs, and neck. Continue stretching and breathing until the body relaxes.

Rock the toy to sleep

Once the kids are lying still on their backs and their eyes closed. Place a stuffed animal toy on their belly.  Inhale the stuffed animal goes up and exhale the stuffed animal goes down.

Counting breaths

Inhale a long deep breath, and while exhaling say 1-1-1-1-1-1. Likewise, again relax with inhale and exhale count 2-2-2-2-2-2. This can be done till the count of 10 or until the kids feel calm.

Along with mindfulness exercise Gratitude and Compassion is integral

Grateful prayer

At night right before bed say two things that you are grateful for that day.

Sending wishes

First imagine yourself health, happy and peaceful. You can say something like ” I wish I am happy, healthy, and at peace.” Second, wish one person in your family the same way. Lastly, wish someone outside your family who needs a wish.

Not reacting to feelings

Host your feelings

When something happens we  digest those feelings. We let the feelings pass through our body without giving any reaction

Discomfort will arise

Life will have many bumps rather than removing the bumps we prepare our kids to deal with them. We breathe and see the feelings become smaller and disappear,