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Sleep Train #1: Sunlight – Take your baby outside every morning.

Sunlight plays a very important role in our circadian rhythm or sleep cycle.

Sleep Train #2: Night settings ON

1. Make sure your room is dark and quiet at night

2. White noise becomes the blanket of sound near the baby, after that any other sound that exists will not wake the baby.

Sleep Train #3: Sleep routine 

Having a fixed set of things that you do each day before putting baby to sleep

Like massage, bath, reading a book, etc.

Sleep Train # 4: Putting baby down when he is drowsy and not fast asleep

This helps the baby learn how to go fully awake to fully asleep on his own.

Sleep Train #5: 

Encouraging self-soothing - Soothing the baby by rocking or patting in the middle of the night

Sleep train #6: 

Fewer engagements at night - Avoid diaper leaks!

Do not engage the baby any more than it is absolutely necessary.

Sleep train #7 

Green Pharmacy Bal Guti are just ingredients that you make your own.

There are some herbs in Bal Guti that help in adjusting the sleep cycle.

Bal Guti

I wish you luck in this journey of sleep train and really hope these steps work for you. Feel free to  get in touch for any help.