Vande Bharat Sleeper Train 

Functional by March 2024

Looks like a 5 star hotel room !

Pictures inside

About Vande Bharat sleeper train

Designed to accommodate more than 800 passengers. 

Has operating speed of 160 km/h.

Manufacturing - Vande Bharat sleeper train

Manufactured in collaboration with ICF (Integral Coach Factory)

Manufactured completely in India

Comfort level "WOW" in Vande Bharat Sleeper train

Enhancements in terms of luggage storage and pantry facilities,

Suitable for extended journeys

About Vande Bharat sleeper train

Total of 16 coaches, including 11 AC 3-tier, 4 AC 2-tier, and 1 First AC coach.

Same propulsion (motor and transformer) system as the Vande chair car

Whats new in Vande Bharat sleeper train

Improved reading lights, padded staircase, lighting, and toilet facilities.

Designated spaces for storing linen, includes guard and pet compartment

Technical specifications 

Acceleration of 0.72 m/s^2, comparable to the metro cars.

It observes speed restrictions, it slows down and returns to maximum high speed quickly.

Minister's commitment

Rail Minister has made a commitment to have this operational before the end of the financial year.

Passengers and stakeholders eagerly anticipating the launch.