Bad luck Sneeze ?

Scientific reasons behind 

Superstitions  in India


Do not step over a sleeping person, else it will stun their height.

Although it will not stunt the height but there is a risk of tripping and falling on the person.

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Bad luck if someone sneezes right before starting something new

In olden days person should not go out if he sneeze. As in those days medical help outside was non existent and when you go out to travel it would generally mean you are out for many days.

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If black cat crosses your path, do not go on that path

In olden days this was followed for only big cats as when a big cat crosses an open space, a forest path, they sit there for a bit to cover their track. So, for you to not run into the cat, in olden days, they said to stop for some time.

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Your complexion will become dark if you drink a lot of tea

Elders would say this to younger ones to discourage them from liking tea

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Seeing upside down slippers brings bad luck

If the slipper is upside down mistakenly one could put their feet on the bottom part which is dirty and make their feet dirty.

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Never leave scissors open or play with them else there will be a fight in your household

It is just to avoid any injuries that can happen if scissors are left open or while playing with them.

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Cutting nails after sunset or on Tuesday and Saturday is forbidden

In olden days there was no electricity and no nail cutters. So, people used to cut nails with knife which was very dangerous in less light.

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Do not eat non veg on Tuesday and Saturday

Tuesday and Saturday are considered Lord Hanuman’s day. Moreover, killing animal on that day will be deemed cruel and will upset the God.

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