Is your baby cranky? 

Colic, teething, indigestion, gastric

Bal Guti 

One solution to all problem

Home remedy for diarrhea, constipation, cold and cough, sleep cycle, and much more.



Make your own  Bal Guti


How to make Bal Guti ?

- Put a spoon of formula or breastmilk on the stone. -Slowly rub each herb on the stone. - Rub each herb at least 5 times.  - As your baby grows keep increasing the turns.   - Collect the paste that forms on the stone in a bowl or spoon.

Know your Herb

These are all the herbs that you will need ever. For any problems there is a combination of herbs below that is your solution.

Wash & sun dry the herbs before use and often to avoid fungal growth.

Daily Bal Guti

 There are some herbs that you should give your child daily in order to prevent cough, worms, and indigestion as the baby’s immune system is weak during the first year.

– Dry dates – Almonds – Liquorice – Sweet Flag or Vekhand – Bal Hirda – Winter cherry – Dry Ginger – Atis – Turmeric – Nutmeg – Dikemali

To find out the treatment of

Colic, Cold, Cough, Fever, Sleep Cycle, diarrhea, Constipation, and many more...