When can you travel in Vande Bharat sleeper train ?

About Vande Bharat sleeper train

Firstly Vande Bharat sleeper train will be operational from Kashmir to Kanyakumari by March 2024. This sleeper train is designed to accommodate a large number of passengers, more than 800. Moreover, this high-speed train has an operating speed of 160 kilometers per hour. And it was manufactured in India, which aligns with the “Make in India” initiative aimed at promoting manufacturing in the country. 

Vande bharat sleeper train

Manufacturing of Vande Bharat sleeper train

Additionally its tires are manufactured in collaboration with ICF (Integral Coach Factory) confirmed by Shantanu Roy CMT at BEML. ICF is a well-known coach manufacturing unit in India. Unlike last time for Vande Bharat chair car there was a lot of hassle as the deal with Ukraine for importing tires did not pan out. Finally they had to import tires from Japan. Hence, this means that Vande Bharat sleeper is definitely an improved and upgraded version of Vande Bharat chair car.

Vande bharat sleeper train coaches

Comfort level "WOW" in Vande Bharat Sleeper train

Particularly this train is very convenient for passengers traveling long distances, over 30 hours. Therefore, suitable for extended journeys. Additionally,  this train has enhancements in terms of luggage storage and pantry facilities, making it more convenient for passengers. In all this train offers a distinctive and perhaps more enjoyable travel experience compared to other transportation options.  ICF is credited with the Vande Bharat sleeper project. 

Vande Bharat sleeper train pictures interiors

About Vande Bharat sleeper train

B G Mallaya, GM at ICF told in an interview that this train will have total of 16 coaches, including 11 AC 3-tier coaches, 4 AC 2-tier coaches, and 1 First AC coach. Therefore, is a mix of classes to accommodate different types of passengers. Further he added that the train uses the same propulsion system as the Vande chair car, which means it has the same motor and transformer. Which suggests that the train’s propulsion technology is similar to that of the Vande Bharat Express. Furthermore B G Mallaya suggested that they are currently experimenting with different colors for the train. And it seems that every color tested has been suitable for the rail. But from his talks it’s seems that saffron might be the chosen color. However, he feels that color is not very significant as it can be changed any time.

Vande bharat sleeper train interior

Whats new in Vande Bharat sleeper train

Additionally, pilot cabin remains the same as in the previous version of the train, which likely means it retains the same design and controls for the driver. Most importantly the passenger sleeper area has been made more convenient with features like reading lights, padded staircase, improved lighting, and toilet facilities. This indicates a focus on passenger comfort and amenities. Also the train is equipped with designated spaces for storing linen and a guard compartment, which is standard in most trains for the safety and security of passengers. Further B G Mallaya mentioned that there are pet cabins, which suggests that this train is pet-friendly and provides designated spaces for passengers traveling with pets.

Vande Bharat sleeper train pictures

Technical specifications in Vande Bharat Sleeper

Furthermore, the train’s acceleration is noted as being similar to Vande chair cars, with an acceleration of 0.72 m/s^2, which is comparable to the acceleration of metro cars. As a result, it can reach and reduce speeds more efficiently. Moreover when the train observes speed restrictions, it slows down and returns to its maximum high speed more quickly. Hence, it suggests efficient speed control and acceleration.

Vande Bharat sleeper train pics

Minister's commitment

The Rail Minister has made a commitment to have this new rail project operational before the end of the financial year. Consequently this demonstrates the government’s commitment to improving transportation infrastructure and providing better services to the public. Moreover, meeting such deadlines can be a significant achievement and is often a part of broader efforts to enhance rail travel in the country. To conclude, passengers and stakeholders will likely be eagerly anticipating the launch of this project.

Vande Bharat sleeper train comfortable

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