Understanding and Supporting Children Emotions and Feelings

Understanding and Supporting Children's Emotions

Sometimes, we can show we care about someone without saying it directly. This can help them feel better, knowing we’re here for them whenever they need help. But we should be careful not to make them feel pressured, even if we’re trying to help.

As kids, it can be hard when our parents try to make us feel better by saying or doing certain things. We just want to feel our feelings without being rushed. Sometimes, we want to be alone to think about things.

Understanding how our child feels can help us support them better. If we show we trust and accept them, they’ll probably feel more comfortable talking to us. Instead of trying to make them feel better right away, it’s better to give them space to work through their feelings. We should trust that they’ll feel better in their own time.

As parents, we need to accept how our child feels, even if it’s different from what we expect. It’s normal for kids to struggle with things like being apart from loved ones. It’s okay if both parents don’t agree on everything.

When our child doesn’t want to talk or seems upset, we should be patient. They might need to express themselves in their own way, like yelling or being quiet. It’s not personal; they just need space to calm down. Our job is to be there for them, support them, and understand them, while also taking care of ourselves.

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