PM Modi’s WhatsApp Message Goes Global – Pakistan and UAE

PM Modi's WhatsApp Message: Reaching Beyond Borders

Many people, including Indians and some from other countries like Pakistan, the UAE, and Britain, got a message from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on WhatsApp. He wanted their help and ideas to make a better India. Surprisingly, some non-Indians also received this message, which made them wonder why they were being asked for suggestions by the Indian Prime Minister. Asma Zain, a journalist from Pakistan living in Dubai, and Fahad Siddiqui, a British citizen in Dubai, were among those who got the message. They were surprised and unsure why they were being asked for input.

Asma Zain, quoted in the Khaleej Times, said she got the message late at night and was puzzled about what suggestions the Prime Minister could need from her. She wondered if she should even give any.

Another person, Anthony J Permal, who lives in the UAE, also got the message. Congress MP Shashi Tharoor criticized the government for using people’s data for their own benefit, especially for the ruling party.

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