Playing chess, sending tweet with mind – Elon Musk ‘s Neuralink

What is Nueralink ?

Elon Musk is working on a new project called Neuralink, started in 2016. It’s about connecting computers directly to our brains. He thinks this will help us work better with technology and even improve our abilities. This brain chip is small and is put into the skull during surgery. It has tiny wires that go into the brain to make a connection with computers. The chip can pick up brain signals and send them to devices like smartphones using Bluetooth.

Neuralink wants to create something called a “neural lace.” It’s like a net of tiny threads put into our brains. These threads can record and stimulate brain activity. They’re super thin, even thinner than a human hair!

But making this work isn’t easy. Our brains are really complicated. Neuralink’s AI is getting smarter, though. It can now understand signals from the brain. This could help treat brain problems and make us think better.

However, there are worries about privacy and who gets to use this technology. Some people are concerned it could create more problems than it solves. But if done right, Neuralink’s AI could change how we use technology for the better. We just need to make sure everyone benefits from it fairly.

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Mind-Controlled Gaming with Neuralink

Neuralink recently showed a video of a man using their brain chip to play Chess and “Mario Kart” just by thinking. The man, Noland Arbaugh, had an accident that left him unable to move his body. But with the brain chip, he can do things using only his thoughts. Arbaugh is happy with how the chip has given him more independence, despite his paralysis.

Arbaugh spoke to Neuralink staff and said he’s excited about what the brain chip can do. He mentioned that being paralyzed isn’t so bad with the help of the chip. He thinks this technology could help people like him become more independent until paralysis is cured.

Bliss Chapman, who works at Neuralink, said that Arbaugh wanted to play “Mario Kart” as soon as he got the chance to use the brain chip. They showed a video of him playing the game just by thinking. Chapman was impressed by how well Arbaugh could play and interact with the game.

Apart from gaming, Arbaugh also uses the brain chip to play chess on his computer. This shows that the chip can be used for different things and could make life better for paralyzed people in the future.

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