No health insurance – if you have both mental and physical issues.

Health insurance gap

People who have both mental health issues and physical health problems might struggle to get health insurance. Insurance companies might see mental health problems as risky and might make it harder for these people to get coverage. They might check their health history more closely, which could mean they might limit coverage or say no altogether.

In the past, insurance companies often didn’t cover mental health problems or made people wait a long time for coverage. But things are changing, and most health insurance plans now include mental health coverage. Still, it can be tough for someone who’s already been diagnosed to get this kind of insurance.

Special insurance plans have been created in recent years for people with both mental and physical health issues. This shows that there’s more awareness now about the need for fair insurance coverage.

no health insurance for dual condition

Ensuring Equal Coverage

According to the Mental Healthcare Act of 2017, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) made a rule on May 29, 2018, saying that every insurance company must provide medical insurance for treating mental illness just like they do for physical illness.

Some insurance companies have created policies specifically for both physical and mental health conditions to give better coverage. But for people with both types of conditions, the process of checking their medical history becomes very important. Whether they get coverage or not depends on how much risk the insurance company is willing to take, even though these policies may cover both physical and mental illnesses for people who are currently healthy.

no health insurance for dual condition


Group insurance from employers can be a good option in these cases. Many insurance companies now include mental health coverage as an extra option for employers to choose for their employees. Group insurance plans usually don’t require detailed medical history checks, so they’re easier for people with both types of conditions to get.

no health insurance for dual condition

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