Menstruation and Pooja – Women have hard coded guilt in their mind

Why Menstruating women were not allowed in temple or kitchen ?

In a big family with lots of people, there were many women – about 150 or more. They had important jobs at home, like taking care of kids, cooking, and cleaning. Meanwhile, the men usually worked outside, doing things like farming. It’s important to understand that these jobs were tough, especially for women, especially when they were on their period. Back then, cooking involved a lot of physical work, like cutting, grinding, and carrying heavy stuff. Women also had special days for religious ceremonies, which required a lot of preparation. But during their menstruation, they got a break from these tasks, which was really needed because they didn’t have much time off otherwise. Also, back in those days, women didn’t have periods every month like we do now. They had fewer because they were often pregnant or breastfeeding. So, getting a break during their period was a big deal and allowed them time to rest and take care of themselves.

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Everybody knows this but still the guilt exist

We all know this but still how many of us visit a temple while menstruating ? We all know that all these rules were due some other reason and are not relevant for us today. But still we are scared to break free. They are cooking and doing everything while menstruating but women feel guilt with the matters of God. Why ? It could be because of generations of mental conditioning or sheer scare of the power of Almighty. “What if something bad happens if I go in the temple while menstruating” . We don’t want to find out. How can we break out of this kind of thinking. Sadhguru in Coimbatore has a Devi Temple inside the his ashram where there are women priest. Also, in that temple women are allowed while menstruating. In many parts of India menstrual blood is deemed to be powerful. In fact, in some places people preserve their first period blood and even drink it. Well, we certainly are not going to that extent but I feel we all should break free this taboo of not entering temple while menstruating. For instance, in Nepal they build menstrual huts, where women go during their period. They don’t come out of the hut their entire period. So, the government found it discriminatory and banned them. But the women they started protesting to let them have the huts back. My point is deep down inside we ourself our casting us aside. Maybe we even feel that we are impure. So the change has to come from inside. 

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Some of you might be uncomfortable with old rules about periods. You might wonder if there’s a good reason to keep following them. Well, no, you don’t have to.

The point is, in the past, people had reasons for these rules, based on what they knew then. But times have changed. Still, there’s something to be said about understanding how our bodies work during menstruation.

If you’re interested, you can learn more about these old ideas and even try some out. Then, talk to your family and friends about what makes sense for today. If some rules don’t fit anymore, it’s okay to change them. Just make sure you understand why they were there in the first place.

menstruation and pooja 1

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