Major earthquake in India – Very disturbing images

India has had some major earthquakes in the past that have caused a lot of destruction. Below are the list of earthquake in India ranging from highest magnitude to the lowest. Along with the names and magnitude you will also find pictures of the destruction they have caused.

List of major Earthquake in India

Great Assam Earthquake (1950):

Great Assam Earthquake in india 1950

Magnitude: 8.6
Location: Assam-Tibet region
This earthquake caused widespread destruction in Assam and other northeastern states of India.

Latur Earthquake (1993):

Latur Earthquake in india1993

Magnitude: 6.3
Location: Maharashtra
This earthquake resulted in significant damage and loss of life in the Latur and Osmanabad districts of Maharashtra.

Bhuj Earthquake (2001):

Bhuj Earthquake 2001

Magnitude: 7.7
Location: Gujarat
One of the most devastating earthquakes in Indian history, it caused widespread destruction in the state of Gujarat, including the city of Bhuj.

Sikkim Earthquake (2011):

Sikkim Earthquake 2011

Magnitude: 6.9
Location: Sikkim
This earthquake was felt across northeastern India and neighboring countries, causing damage to buildings and infrastructure in Sikkim and the surrounding areas.

Nepal Earthquake (2015):

Nepal Earthquake 2015

Magnitude: 7.8
Although the epicenter was in Nepal, this earthquake had a significant impact on northern India, especially in states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh

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