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Journey is life

We are all striving to be successful, earn money, or just get to a place in future where we have achieved everything. But guess what that place we are running after keeps running away from us. And one day we find ourselves old and still haven’t reached that point where we have achieved all our goals. In this pursuit of happiness and joy we forget to be happy and joyful in the journey or live life. And guess what this journey is life. Meanwhile we keep working hard and think of reaching that goal but life is slipping away. That hypothetical place we are dreaming of is just a figment of our imagination. The whole life we worry and take stress of little things and big things when finally we realize that life has passed and we do not have time left now.

live life

How much is enough ?

Yesterday, I met my uncle who is 70 year old. He has Alzheimer’s and has reached a stage where he needs to be told to use the facilities. Looking at him i was remembering how he was all his life. Worrying about everything, getting angry at little things. I was remembering how his mind was always calculating and planning, one could see in his eyes. He was very smart in business and was able to do well. But he was unable to spend money, looking at him you could not guess that he was perhaps quite wealthy. All his life his goal was to save money and keep growing like many of us. But where is he now can’t remember which year it is forget about being happy in having achieved quite a bank balance.  I could not help but ask myself before his sickness kicked in, did he ever think that this much bank balance is enough let me be happy now. I don’t think so, the goal we are running after does anyone ever reach it to start living life. So, how much is enough ? 

Stepping out of the hamster wheel

I don’t want to end up like him running in the hamster wheel all life trying to reach paradise only to realize that paradise is just a dream mind cooked up. How did I step out ?  I breathe a breath with full attention just enjoying this moment, the air that is going in and the air that’s coming out. And I am full with bliss.They make me experience paradise right now. There is no worry or stress in this breath. I can feel the happiness and joy arising inside of me no matter how the circumstances or situation is. Just this one breath does wonders for me, I feel like my whole body is rested and calm and I want to just stay like that.

No regrets !

In life there are bound to be circumstances and situation which requires some worrying and stress. Everyone gets it,  that’s what life is all about there is no escaping that. Breathing mindfully will not eliminate it but it will definitely make you more peaceful and give you more strength to deal with the situation. Just remembering to breathe mindfully in the middle of the crisis gives us an upper hand in dealing life. I have been living like this for more than ten years now, and had many ups and down in my life but i have no regrets.  

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