INDIA vs. PAKISTAN, Stadium Empty, WHY?

Don’t we all know about the INDIA vs. PAKISTAN rivalry? In spite, of that, the stadium was with empty seats during the match. Why did people not go to see their favorite player? The stadium big or small is always with cricket fans. The fans enjoyed the emotional rollercoaster with the players with cheers and tears but this time the players were left alone with only a few claps. This is the first time in history that the stadium had so many vacant seats. This led fans to criticize the Pakistan Cricket Board, which organized the event.

Well, my friends the reason is the sky-high cost of the ticket. The ticket for a one-day match is normally priced at Rs 250. This event is organized by the Pakistan Cricket Board. So, PCB increased the price of the Super 4 match 40 times compared to the price of the ticket for the league matches in the Asia Cup. That makes the cost of one ticket a whopping Rs.10000.

This is the reason the seats were vacant, in a stadium of 35000 seats only 7000 fans showed up. After this incident, many fans are tweeting “worst management ever by PCB” and so on. Hopefully, the management will take the suggestions and reduce the price for the upcoming match.


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