How to check if you have a fake iPhone charger ?

Fake iPhone charger - Adapter and wires

Genuine iPhone adapters and wires, often referred to as Apple-certified, are those produced by Apple or manufacturers authorized by Apple to produce accessories for their devices. Thereby these chargers are designed to meet specific quality and safety standards to ensure compatibility and safety when charging your iPhone. Below you will find some points for distinguishing between fake iPhone charger from the real ones. Although, the wire comes with the phone, if you buy it separately there is a major chance of it being fake. Since, Apple stopped providing adapter with the phones the fake iPhone charger market boomed.

fake iphone charger

Fake iPhone charger - MFI Badge

MFI badge means “Made for iPhone” or “Made for iPad” or “Made for iOS”. So, this is the easiest way to catch a fake product all you need to do is inspect the box to find the MFI badge. Although, these days the fake ones have upped their game and copied the MFI badge as well. But, you can easily tell the fake ones from the real.  

MFI Badge fake iPhone charger

Fake iPhone charger - "Designed by apple in California "

All authentic apple accessories have “Designed by Apple in California ” printed on them. While the fake iPhone charger will have “Made in China ” written on it. Although real ones also has “Made in China” but written along with “Designed by Apple in California ” It could be “designed by apple in California, Assembled in China” or “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in Vietnam” or “Designed by Apple in California Industria Brasileira”

Quality of text and image

The quality of images in the packaging will be substandard. And the text will have quite a lot of typos and spelling mistakes. For instance check the picture, it says USB-C+C to Lighing Cable. Notice the spelling instead of lightning it says lighing. 

fake iPhone charger typo

Faded text

The real adapters will have the text written clearly which will be dark. But in the fake iPhone charger this text will be faded.

fake iPhone charger faded text

Apple Logo, a sticker

So, in the basic kind of duplicate iPhone accessories they don’t want to go through much trouble. Therefore, you will see a sticker of Apple logo.

fake iPhone charger logo sticker

Silver plated wire connector tip

The charger connectors are gold plated in original whereas in duplicate they are silver plated

fake iPhone charger silver plated wire connector

Wire length is less

Fake wires and original are different in size as well. As the fake ones are smaller than the real ones

fake iPhone charger length small

How to avoid

Always buy from authorized apple retailers. And always check the voltage on the adapters a fake one. As it will have a lower rating than the authentic. As a result it  can damage the iPhone

fake iPhone charger apple retailers

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