Funny superstitions in India-How many are followed in your house?​

So, in India there are some rules about every aspect of life. Initially, in olden times our ancestors made some rules based on the convenience available to them. As time went these rules stayed constant but the conditions and environment changed. Therefore, some of these rules that our ancestors made became irrelevant. Regardless they are still being followed in some houses. Moreover, these superstitions in India are followed and enforced in houses. 

Superstitions in India

Do not step over a sleeping person, else it will stun their height. Weird Superstitions in India

So, this one you must have heard plenty of times growing up. In detail, you are not supposed to step over a person while they are sleeping else they will stop growing in height. And if you mistakenly stepped over someone, you should reverse it by stepping over him again in reverse. Although there is no supporting scientific evidence behind this. Surely it is a decent thing to do. Also, there is a risk of tripping and falling on the person, hurting them or getting hurt yourself. Finally, this superstitions in India is definitely the most funny one. 

Stepping over sleeping person superstitions in India

Bad luck if someone sneezes right before starting something new

So, many people believe that when they are going to start a new project or about to leave the house for some important activity. Exactly at that time if someone sneezes whatever you are out to do will not be successful. Moreover, when something is important enough, and if you hear someone around you sneezing, or if you sneeze you should hold on for a minute before starting that task. Now, the true version was that a person should not go out if he sneeze. As in those days medical help outside was non existent and when you go out to travel it would generally mean you are out for many days. With time this got corrupted to the extent that people now anticipate bad luck with anyone sneezing before start of any kind of work. So, imagine how this superstitions in India got exaggerated.

sneeze superstitions in india

If black cat crosses your path, do not go on that path (Most exaggerated Superstitions in India)

Consequently if a cat crosses the road in which you are walking, it is bad omen for you. In order to avoid that omen you should let someone else cross who is coming from behind you or any vehicle, then you can go on. Moreover, in India black color is associated with Lord Shani, God of Karma. Subsequently black cat crossing your path is considered a way Lord Shani is warning you of something bad. Well, in olden days this was followed for only big cats as when a big cat crosses an open space, a forest path, they sit there for a bit to cover their track. So, for you to not run into the cat, in olden days, they said to stop for some time. But the well meaning precaution got exaggerated so much that people are parking their cars if they see a small cat crossing the road. Definitely, the most funnily exaggerated superstitions in India.

Black cat superstitions in India

Your complexion will become dark if you drink a lot of tea- Funny Superstitions in India

Now, in many households elders would say this to younger ones to discourage them from drinking tea. Clearly this was a made up lie with no rationality. However, tea is safe to give to older children in moderation. As, tea contains caffeine which can lead to dehydration. In addition it also contains tannins which can slow the absorption of iron leading to iron deficiency. Hence, this saying deters kids from fancying tea as they all want to have fair skin. Another funny superstitions in India, how kids are always manipulated my elders.

dark skin superstitions in India

If you see an upside down slippers then you will have bad luck

As a matter of fact this superstition is believed not just in India but in Japan, Turkey, Egypt, Bhutan, Rome as well as in Islamic countries. Consequently, when you leave your slipper upside down the bottom which is supposed to be dirty and impure is looking towards the sky where God dwells. Therefore, this will bring bad luck to the owner of the slippers or the person looking at it. For instance in my family it is such a big deal if an abandoned slipper lying on the side of the road is upside down my father would flip it. So, this saying is due to if the slipper is upside down mistakenly one could put their feet on the bottom part which is dirty and make their feet dirty. Contrarily, if one of your slipper climbs on the other, you will travel in near future.  

slippers superstitions in India

Never leave scissors open or play with them else there will be a fight in your household

All the sharp objects present in the house are considered to be related to the planet Rahu. In this connection, scissors are also related to the planet Rahu. Rahu is considered a malefic planet and mostly its ill effects are seen. Due to the inauspicious effect of Rahu, the peace of the house is disturbed and troubles arise in the house. At the same time, it is believed that playing with scissors by opening and closing them unnecessary leads to fighting in the house, the basis of which is also Rahu. Playing with scissors promote the bad effects of Rahu. Scientifically, it is just to avoid any injuries that can happen if scissors are left open or while playing with them. This superstitions in India is considered quite serious.

scissor superstition in India

Cutting nails after sunset or on Tuesday and Saturday is forbidden

Firstly cutting nails after sunset is said to be inauspicious. Because, in olden days there was no electricity and no nail cutters. So, people used to cut nails with knife which was very dangerous in less light. Therefore, they said not to cut nails in the evening. But in spite of having electricity and nail cutters this saying is still believed by many. Secondly, Tuesdays is said to be the day of Mangal or Mars which is a red planet. Hence if you cut nails you bleed a lot. Lastly Saturday is the day of Shani or Saturn and cutting nails on that day can upset Shani which is dreaded. 

Nail cutting superstitions in India

Do not eat non veg on Tuesday and Saturday - This superstitions in India is followed by almost all

well, this one is religious as Tuesday and Saturday are considered Lord Hanuman’s day. Moreover, killing animal on that day will be deemed cruel and will upset the God. Hence, no eating non veg on Tuesday and Saturday.

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