Embracing grey hair – Empowering and gorgeous

When I stopped dying at 33

I was 25 when I started getting a few grey hair here and there. At first i dyed every now and then , but always hated sitting in the salon paralyzed. One day when i was 33, I just did not feel like going to the salon. Ever since then I haven’t dyed my hair. I get a few stares now and then but I don’t care. Sometimes, people say, “your hair have greyed so early” or ” you have more grey than me and I am older”. Well, in my mind I say to them ” thank the dye”. Earlier, I felt shy and conscious of it. But slowly going grey stopped bothering me it felt more me.  

grey hair

Why dye ?

How did we started resenting natural hair ? Who and where said that grey hair should hidden. And why people became ashamed of showing grey hair ?  Not judging but why do we have to hide our age. Why do we want people to think that we are still young. Don’t get me wrong but I was just like that nothing felt better than looking at freshly dyed hair. But when the grey started showing up fast I did not want to get into the hamster wheel of dying twice a month. I was looking at it like a burden so had to reassess.

grey hair

Hate to love

Earlier I used to try hiding them in different hair styles.  One day standing in front of the mirror i looked at them and said to myself ” my hair look nice”. Slowly i started liking, even loving them. When I walked across a mirror and see them shine in the sunlight, it would make feel confident and mature. Since then,  I feel empowered each day when the grey hair grows. I want to remove this stigma around grey hair. Many women I know dye because of social pressure. 

Financial and chemical relief

Firstly, we all know dying twice a month takes a toll on the wallet. So, just glad not stuck in the compulsion of dying.

Secondly, have you given the ingredients any thought.What we put so close to the most important organ in our body. What that does to our body is still under research. So it is a relief that toxic chemicals are not seeping into my scalp.

grey hair

Things that help in Going grey

It is going to be a bumpy ride. Lots of motivation and positive thinking is required to stay natural. I got a lot of help and confidence when i got a new haircut. Connecting with other people who also have chosen to go grey helped a lot. Getting mature and old is not a depressing thing it just means we have more experience and knowledge which is not a bad thing.

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