Baltimore Bridge Partially Collapses After Ship Crash: Fear of Many Injuries

Bridge Collapse in Baltimore: A Major Incident Unfolds

A big part of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, USA, fell down early Tuesday. They say a big ship hit it. It happened around 1:30 am. Police say they rescued two people, but seven are still missing.

One of the rescued people is badly hurt. The police are looking for the missing people, but it’s a big area.

The fire department in Baltimore called this a big accident. Some cars fell into the river. Rescuers are looking for seven people in the water. Some reports say there were about 20 workers on the bridge when it collapsed.

People shared a video of the collapse online. It looks like the ship hit one of the supports of the bridge. The bridge broke in many places and fell into the water. The ship also caught fire and sank.

The company that owns the ship says they don’t know exactly why it happened. But they’ve sent people to help. All crew members, including two pilots, are safe.

The road on the bridge is closed in both directions. The governor of Maryland declared a state of emergency.

This bridge opened in 1977 and goes over the Patapsco River. It’s an important way for ships to go in and out of the Port of Baltimore. It’s named after the person who wrote “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

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